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(Easy) What Jinn looked like when he first met Chari.1, 2

 Foreign Rogue
(Easy) This is what Jinn normally looks like.1, 2

 Displeased Jinn
(Easy) Jinn [hates the Feywild]. Art by Chikki.1, 2


Paranoid Jinn
(Easy) Jinn [thinks everyone is out to kill him]. Art by Toriitori1, 2


/ Apostle of Rot
[placeholder images]
(Difficult) What Jinn transformed himself into when he harassed the very first cultist that the crew ran into.2

 On the Road to Cardale
[placeholder image]
(Easy) Jinn with black hair.1, 2

 On the Road to Jarrow
(Easy) Jinn with red hair and a facial scar. Jinn, generally, likes wearing his hair up, but he also likes looking like a desert bandit. So…2

// After the Ring Debacle
(Difficult)3 Jinn detests this disguise—he wears lots of [white] cloth, has to dye his hair white, has to use magic eye-color dye, has to spend an hour straightening and brushing his hair every morning, as well as powdering his skin to a lighter tone. But he can't argue with results. (Last image pictured without the eye-drops.) Maybe his white on-white on-white outfit will blend in with the snow.

 After the (First) Faerie Debacle
(Easy) Jinn doesn't mind this fairly easy disguise. The only issue he has with it is that he has to be well-groomed. Which, really, isn't too much too ask.

 Professor Paris
(Difficult) The blue-skinned, eccentric professor of the North.1, 3



 Skirted Dancer
(Easy) Dyed red hair. Heavy makeup. Less Clothes. Jinn likes getting to wander around in scanty clothes. He kinda dislikes having his hair down.2

 Fuchsia Noble
(Standard) Dyed fuchsia hair. Heavy makeup. Skin powder. Blue-color eye-dye. Fancy northern-style clothes with his hair down and straightened? No thank you. Jinn only uses this if he needs to BS his way into some fancy place where looking like a fruity elf might help him.

 You Must Protect Yourself From the Sun
(Standard) Brown dyed hair. Eyeliner. Dark brown eye-dye. Jinn will gladly walk the line of almost-heat-stroke if it means that he's bundled up nice and… bundled while in the desert.1

 Eye-Patch Sailor
(Difficult)  Dark dyed hair. Powdered skin tone. Jinn can sorta fudge this one if need be—the skin dye/temp tattoos last long enough that he can do it once every month or so, and as long as he brushes out his hair it's fine.1


1. Jinn doesn't bother to cover his natural scars with these costumes.
He has hairline pale scars around his neck, his upper arms, and down the length of his left arm.
2. Jinn doesn't bother to use the fancy magic eye-color dyes with these costumes.
His natural eye color is a redish-hued gold.

3. Generally, for "Difficult" disguises, Jinn has to meditate instead of sleep to make up for the time spent making sure they're in order every day. He, naturally, hates this.

Khardi Reference Shots

Family Photos (basically all of Phobs work is priceless)

More Family Photos

The cursed prince.

Various NPCs

A woman who attempted to seduce Arashtra several hundred years ago. She would have (by Jinn's estimation) succeeded easily, if it hadn't been for Jinn's direct intervention. Jinn seduced the woman in turn, convincing her—without explicitly stating anything—that being the lover of the third son would absolve her of any suspicion after Arashtra's death. A noble woman who was well-loved, Jinn took her life by his own hands, and has never been forgiven. It is likely that both he and she felt affection for each other, and that—while he does not regret his actions—he feels sorrow over her death. 



* Character Art is an Edit of "Timberwatch Elf – MTG Eternal Masters":https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VN5Dg by "Yohann Schepacz OXAN STUDIO":https://www.artstation.com/artist/oxanstudio_
2nd Character Art is a Color Edit of a piece found via Twitter: artist unknown.

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