The Ruling Family of Khard

The Mara'hid Ruling Family of Khard - Index

  Majid Baqi Mara'hid
Current ruler of Khard – King

  Majid Aditi Mara'hid
Current ruler of Khard – Queen

  1.   Majid Prasad Arashtra Heir to the Throne
  2.   Majid Prasad Fi'kri Master Librarian of the Mas'Uld Bibliotheca
  3.   Majid Prasad So'asna A Literal Criminal
  4.   Majid Prasad "Wasim" Indira A Noble Who Entertains at Court
  5.   Majid Prasad Faris Captain of the Royal Guard
  6.   Majid Prasad Hasib Grand Ambassador 
  7.   Majid Prasad Rama Monk of the Burnt Sands
  8.   Majid Prasad Zaahir "Queen of the Wave Riders"
  9.   Majid Prasad Chandra Royal Administrator
  10.   Majid Prasad Vayu Tenth Child, Archeologist
  11.   Majid Prasad Vidya Eleventh Child, Historian
  12.   Majid Prasad Rasul Twelfth Child
  13.   Majid Prasad Priya Thirteenth Child
  14.   Majid Prasad Jaya Fourteenth Child
  15.   Majid Prasad Mani Fifteenth Child 

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Majid Baqi Mara'hid                                                   (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Current ruler of Khard

Age: 833 + 20
Physical Description: Dark Bronze Skin, Light Blonde (almost white) curly hair, strong features
Baqi has eight holes in his body where Djinn Stones used to reside. He has three such holes spaced evenly down his back, one in the palm of his left hand, one above his heart, and one on each of his shins.
Notable Traits: Kind and generous. Baqi fought in the Khard Border Disputes and later in the Djinn Backlash. It is whispered that he can breathe in the souls from his enemies' bodies: leaving them empty husks and filling himself with new life and vigor. It is also said that he can see through walls, and know a man's heart merely by meeting his eyes.
Notable Deeds: Baqi has led Khard to victory in three different "wars." He established free and universal schooling (focused on mentorship programs), as well as housing, feeding, and medical care for persons labeled "youth." He defeated a rakshasa warrior-god by the name of Ravana in single combat when he was young.

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Majid Aditi Mara'hid (Di)                                            (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Current ruler of Khard
Age: 846 + 20
Physical Description: Dark Sleet Skin, Dark Blue Straight Hair, Sharp Features
Di has six Djinn Stone holes scattered across her body: two under each clavicle, one at the base of her neck, and a large jagged hole in her right forearm.
Notable Traits: Embodies the "speak softly and carry a big stick" form of ruling. Aditi is widely thought to be a goddess trapped in a mortal's body. She is also rumored to be able to grant life with a single touch; pulling souls—that have been dead for hundreds of years—back into the land of the living.
Notable Deeds: Di is known to control the weather, and she has called upon great sandstorms to cloak Khard from the invasion of its enemies. She was behind the political reform which ended slavery and magical binding. As a young maiden, Aditi traveled into the Feywild and killed a corrupt king—she was offered a Fae throne, but turned it down stating that her heart belonged to the deserts of the Material Plane.

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Majid Prasad Arashtra (Ash)                                     (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Eldest Son, Heir to the Throne
Age: 432 + 20
Physical Description: Regal features, dark burnt umber coloring, black curly hair, powerfully built. Average height.
Notable Traits: Ash is an extremely hard worker, and a critical thinker. He believes wholeheartedly in doing what is Right and Good for his people, and he always tries to put what is best for the nation above his own needs. Unfortunately, most folks would prefer that he just rule, rather than try to establish a more "progressive" form of government.
Notable Deeds: During the Djinn Backlash Arashtra gained a reputation for being a mighty warrior and a fair nobleman. It was his honorable actions which eventually led to many of the treaties between Khard and the Outer Planes despite Khard disallowing slavery. Minor heroic deeds and small kindnesses which he has bestowed on the people of Khard have endeared him to his people (almost as much as they are dear to him).
Birthgift: Most people assume that his birthgift is the golden sword he carries. In actual fact, it is the golden mantle which he wears across his chest (a thick band of red-gold which wraps over his shoulders, across his chest, and across his back). It is a deflecting Natural Armor which he can extend to protect others around him (up to fifty people within visual range).

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Majid Prasad Fi'kri                                                      (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Second Son, Master Librarian of the Mas'Uld Bibliotheca
Age: 380 + 20
Physical Description: Plump build with effeminate rounded features. Deep blue coloring, frizzy black hair, short. 
Notable Traits: Incredibly intelligent, but lacking in social fortitude. Fi is reclusive and spends most of his time in the library. He is a master of transformation, and spends much of his time taking the forms of various animals (he is especially fond of mice).
Notable Deeds: Fi once stood in court and defended a tiefling who most believed to have committed one of the assassination attempts on the royal family after the abolition of slavery (many extraplaner beings were upset with the change in policy since the 'trade had been extremely lucrative through Khard). Eventually, it was revealed that the assassin had been a close, trusted advisor to the crown, and the tiefling was allowed to go free.
Birthgift: Spectacles. Fi has worn glasses since he was 4 years old, and when people speak he sees the colors of their words. The breath changes depending on who is speaking, and some magicks cause interference, but—generally—he's able to decipher the truth, feeling, and power behind spoken words. It is much easier to read these things—he perceives ink as having been dyed with the intentions of the writer, and so—rather than navigating complicated social networks—Fi stays a talented scholar.

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Majid Prasad So'asna                                                 (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Third Eldest, A Literal Criminal
Age: 312 + 20
Physical Description: Deeply tan with sage-green colored hair (a color superstitiously believed to be unlucky or the sign of an early death). So'asna is covered in body piercings, and favors two large golden hoop earrings.
Notable Traits: So'asna was a prodigal son who spent his time in gambling and pleasures of the flesh. People say he was killed in a dispute with a kingpin in the black market: at least, he hasn't been seen for many years now. Despite his negative reputation—and rumors stating otherwise—his siblings were close to So'asna, and many were saddened by his disappearance.
Notable Deeds: So'asna killed a woman of the court, and the scandal was anything but clear-cut. Of all the royal family, he had spent the most time with the common folk. He was known for frequenting the seedier parts of Khard, and is said to have connections to the underground. He was born under an ill omen: one of the only children in Mas'Uld to have been brought to term during the Sorrow Century.
Birthgift: None. He was never given a birthgift since he was born under a dark omen.

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Majid Prasad "Wasim" Indira                                    (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Fourth Son, A Noble Who Entertains at Court
Age: 254 + 20
Physical Description: Svelte with long limbs, Wa'sim has long pale gold hair, and a deep blue coloring. He is considered the most beautiful of the royal family.
Notable Traits: Wa'sim is known for having a hauntingly beautiful voice, soft mannerisms, and a gentle presence. Not fit for the rigors of ruling, he is well-loved as a national treasure or an ornament rather than a force of great power.
Notable Deeds: It is said that Wa'sim was sent into the Feywild when he was only 100 years of age, and negotiated a treaty with the star elves of Sildëyuir. Many believe that his ephemeral nature comes from the unknown amount of time he spent amongst Faerie.
Birthgift: Wasim wears earrings that look like small clusters of stars, or collections of water droplets. No matter where he goes, what form he takes, what drugs run through his system, what magic descends on his countenance, he will always know who he is, when he is, what he is, and how he got there. When he separates one of the many precious stones from its socket, he continues to know where it is, and under whose possession it has fallen—regardless of time, space, and plane.

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Majid Prasad Faris                                                      (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Fifth Eldest, Captain of the Royal Guard
Age: 243 + 20
Physical Description: Strong and muscular. Faris has inherited his father's reddish-hued skin tone. His hair is black and curled (although often left untamed).
Notable Traits: Faris is almost always smiling. Where many of his family adhere to the elvish norms of being soft-spoken, Faris is often accused of being almost human in his brash loudness. He lives his life like every day will be his last.
Notable Deeds: Over the last eighty years, Faris has built an amazing reputation on his prowess in combat. He challenges forces (usually monsters, and the like) to combat (rarely to the death) and brings back news of his victories like some sort of immortal grecian hero.
Birthgift: Brandishing a large golden sword and an equally impressive golden bow, Faris keeps his true birthgift secret. In a small wooden box, from which he never parts, is a perfectly round and stunningly beautiful glass eye. The prophecies state that he will lose his eye in glorious combat, and when he does, he will discover what the gift does. Or, perhaps, it is already serving its function…

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Majid Prasad Hasib                                                    (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Sixth Eldest, Grand Ambassador 
Age: 215 + 20
Physical Description: Petite with large round eyes, very short. Blue skin, dark gold hair.
Notable Traits: With a mind like a steel trap, Hasib uses his innocent appearance and young age to fool those outside of the family into thinking that he is a meek, and—perhaps—naive young elf. Hasib is one of the most calculating and politically savvy minds Khard as ever seen. He is one of the reasons that the borders push out from the great desert, and why there are grumblings and whispers of rebellion inside the nations which border Khard. He is a vicious political force, and protects his home country with a single-mindedness which is astounding.
Notable Deeds: Seen as a weak and easily-manipulated diplomat, Hasib plays his role well. That being said, he does not take credit for many deeds himself, but has been behind quite a few large shifts within the nation over the past 100 years. It should be noted that he may have had a hand in various notable foreign events as well.
Birthgift: A dagger which leaves no visible marks, causes no pain, and siphons blood from the victim.

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Majid Prasad Rama                                                    (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Seventh Eldest, Monk of the Burnt Sands
Age: 167 + 20
Physical Description: Deep Blue-black in coloring, Rama is clean-shaven. A monk in the temple of The Burnt Sands, he wears only the simple robes of his station.
Notable Traits: Calm and quiet like his mother, and with a deep commanding presence like his father, Rama seems to radiate power. Having joined the monastery at a young age, he has devoted himself to the order. 
Notable Deeds: Like all members above the rank of ten-e, Rama has been left for a year and a day in the desert with no food, water, or clothing to sustain him. Like others of his order, he regularly takes pilgrimages out into the desert wastes—saving those who have lost their way. He has obtained the rank of zuise--just below that of abbot. While he has been offered an elevation in status, he has repeatedly refused; believing that he is not yet ready. Instead, he prefers to travel, teach, and spread healing through the desert.
Birthgift: A stone sundial on a hempen rope.

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Majid Prasad Zaahir                                                   (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position:  Eighth Eldest, Outsider "Queen of the Wave Riders"
Age: 128 + 20
Physical Description: Long bright blue hair over slightly tanned skin, Zaahir stands the tallest of the siblings at an amazing 6"8'. She has defined musculature, and her skin is criss-crossed with hundreds of small pale scars.
Notable Traits: Zaahir, taking after her elder brother So'asna, has spurned the life of royalty for adventure outside of the kingdom. She has a fleet of thirty ships which she sails the world's oceans with—pillaging and raiding. She is a charismatic leader with a strict moral code and a mind for strategy.
Notable Deeds: Each ship that she has in her fleet is a pirate ship which she defeated, overthrew, and claimed as her own. Due to the relatively comfortable living conditions she provides for her crew, most pirates have taken to her leadership with very little grumbling (although there is a standing offer that any and all members of her fleet may challenge her to one-on-one combat). It is rumored that she has passed through the oceanic doldrums—large parts of the ocean which turn in on themselves, the death of many a fine sailor.
Birthgift: As with the Djinn Stones of old, Zaahir has a magic stone that has been embedded in her flesh—a deep red stone which feels warm to the touch—located between her shoulder-blades. Zaahir cannot be bound, cannot be shackled, cannot be held: all effects that would trap, stop, freeze, paralyze, or detain her are useless. She is an unstoppable force of nature.

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Majid Prasad Chandra                                               (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Ninth Eldest, Royal Administrator
Age: 96 + 20
Physical Description: A severe woman with olive colored skin and curly dark gold—almost black—hair.
Notable Traits: Chandra is a smart, straightforward woman who has a knack for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of others, and utilizing them to their greatest effect: her ability to delegate is second to none. While she is not violent, she is respected and feared for her efficiency. Even the most disrespectful and troublesome Khardi heed her words.
Notable Deeds: Despite her young age, Chandra is the head-of-house for the royal family. She keeps the schedules, balances the books, and directs her many (sometimes errant) siblings in the direction(s) they need to go to ensure that their house, and—by extension—the nation of Khard, continues to function.
Birthgift: A golden nose-piercing-to-ear-piercing/chain, and a gold-red scimitar. The face chain is a piece of jewelry which allows her to see through any guise to the true form of a creature, and the scimitar—when it has drawn the blood of an enemy—makes that enemy unable to attack any of the Mara'hid line until the blade has been cleaned.

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Majid Prasad Vayu                                                      (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Tenth Child, Archeologist
Age: 83 + 20
Physical Description: Small, with dark bluish coloring and pale frizzy yellow hair, Vayu is the opposite of her brother. Vayu has bright red eyes.
Notable Traits: Both twins are bright and happy, and share a telepathic bond that makes them difficult to tell apart (despite their extreme pallet-swap). Vayu is slightly older than Vidya and feels responsible for her younger brother. She is discerning and possesses an uncanny knack for using and communicating with magical items and beings.
Notable Deeds: While it is not well-known, Vayu and Vidya unearthed and explored an ancient deserted temple, eventually freeing the elementals which had been bound there.
Birthgift: A dark green stone that hangs from a small bracelet. When held tightly in the palm of her hand, Vayu acts as a "dead zone" for magic. No direct magic effects her.

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Majid Prasad Vidya                                                     (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Eleventh Child, Historian
Age: 83 + 20
Physical Description: Small, with pale olive-toned skin, and dark blue wavy hair, Vidya is the opposite of his sister. Vidya has bright blue eyes.
Notable Traits: Both twins are bright and happy, and share a telepathic bond that makes them difficult to tell apart (despite their extreme pallet-swap). Vidya is slightly younger than Vayu and believes that his older sister is foolish for wishing to protect him, and secretly fears that she will get injured doing so. He is cheerful and open, and possess an uncanny knack for figuring out puzzles and riddles.
Notable Deeds: While it is not well-known, Vayu and Vidya unearthed and explored an ancient deserted temple, eventually freeing the elementals which had been bound there.
Birthgift: A dark purple stone which hangs from a small bracelet. When held tightly in the palm of his hand, Vidya turns invisible.

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Majid Prasad Rasul                                                     (previous) – (index) – (next)

Age: 21+ 20
Physical Description: Dark skin tones with darker blue hair and startlingly yellow eyes. Rasul shaves half her head.
Notable Traits: When Rasul discovered that humans are treated like adults by the age of 21, she stopped listening to her parents and siblings. She cares about her family, but as one of the youngest members, struggles to find her place.
Notable Deeds: None as of yet.
Birthgift: An Echo Bowl

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Majid Prasad Priya                                                     (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Thirteenth Child
Age: 16 + 20
Physical Description: Small and fragile, Priya has already begun to show an interest in enhancing her natural beauty. She has pale blue skin like her mother with straight black hair that curls at the tips.
Notable Traits: Mischievous and self-centered, Priya acts like a perfect little princess… Except when she's trying to gain the attention of her parents and older siblings.
Notable Deeds: None as of yet.
Birthgift: A bottle of perfume.

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Majid Prasad Jaya                                                       (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Fourteenth Child
Age: 12 + 20
Physical Description: Dark skin tones with dark golden hair, Jaya is a beautiful young boy who will one day grow into a striking adult. He is unusually strong for his small stature due to his hours spend in physical training.
Notable Traits: Serious and quiet, Jaya is a thoughtful child who takes his studies seriously.
Notable Deeds: None as of yet.
Birthgift: A colossal spear.

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Majid Prasad Mani                                                     (previous) – (index) – (next)

Position: Fifteenth Child
Age: 5 + 20
Physical Description: A copper toned young girl with black curls, Mani always has a bright smile.
Notable Traits: Mani is curious, rambunctious, and kind. She stopped talking when her older brother So'asna disappeared.
Notable Deeds: None as of yet.
Birthgift: A golden circlet with a golden bell.

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 The Unique Mara'hid Naming Conventions

All of the royal family are referred to with the prefix "Majid," and the children of the current king are referred to with the sub-prefix "Prasad."

The royal surname, "Mara'Hid," is officially included only in the name of the current ruler(s).


Example So'asna/Full Name:
Often, given names are much—much—longer than the ones listed here (for example, So'asna's full name is: "Majid Mara'Isri
Lixō Venakresh Riasha'Sai Ghulam Nōx Hooktak Yastafa Jinan Freyath Shahnaz Mukhtor Erapalli Ja'Tzin Prasad So'asna Mara'Hid"). This comes from a tradition of slavery based on the use of True Names, and amassed power through taking the names of enemies.

Example Fi'kri/Titled Name:
Official introductions would not include the full name, but instead all the official parts of the name, "Prince Majid Trellgan Fi'kri, second grandson of Mara'Isri of Khard, Master Librarian of the Mas'Uld Bibliotheca."

Example Faris/Standard Name:
Day-to-day conversation would shorten the name further to "Majid Faris."

Example Arashatra/Casual Name:
Close friends and family would refer to the individual by a nickname (such as Arashatra being called "Ash") a close servant or family friend might refer to Arashatra as "Majid Ash." Parents and more distant family will, generally, refer to the individual as their core name, "Arashatra."

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The Ruling Family of Khard

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