Order of the Burnt Sands

The Wanderers of the Desert Wastes

Monks of the Burnt Sands wear simple linen wraps to protect from the whipping sands and pounding sun of the deep desert. As a mark of their order they often: shave their heads, cover their face, and favor large wide-brimmed conical hats. They accept all races and backgrounds—under the harsh sun and amongst the sands all are equal: the sands will clean your bones.

Seshat – Student.
A monk in training. There are two main (parallel) paths for the monks of the order (both begin with a focus on scholarship). One is the study of physical understanding where students become monks (in the traditional sense). The other is the study of mental understanding, where students become Sand Speakers (a type of druid). Both schools strive for practitioners to reach a level of Spiritual Understanding which unites them with the desert.

Joza – Novice.
A monk who has taken their vows and received their student’s robes. A monk of the rank Joza always in the company of other members of the order (usually of Shiho or Ten-e rank, or higher).

Zagen – Practitioner of the Way.
A monk who has excelled and honing their body and spirit through the ideals of the Burnt Sands. A monk continues along their training, and can be recognized outside of the order as a member of the Burnt Sands.

Shiho – Monk.
A fully recognized monk of the order.

Ten-e – Traveling Monk.
A monk who has survived the trial of the sands and has received their desert wraps. The Ten-e are the most well-known members of the Order because they wander the desert looking for lost souls. It is this tradition that has ensured that the monks of the Burnt Sands have been around for hundreds of years. Regardless of faction(s) during wartime, the monks of the Burnt Sands are treated neutrally and well by all members of the Prime Material Plane (and all travelers who which to remain in good favor with the desert).

Zuise – Priest.
A monk who has the authority to act as an abbot in the absence of the temple’s guardian. Once a monk has reached the rank of Zuise, they are considered a Priest of the Desert. It is only at this rank and above that members of the Order are allowed to carry the ancient water gords.

Set’ke – Teacher. (A subset of Zuise.)
A spiritual leader who supervises the training of monks.

Dai Danu – Abbot.
The abbot or High Priest of temple. There are only several high priests of the order, they remain close to their temples, and usually act as a warden of a large area of desert.

skh’Aten Amat – The Head of the Order.

A Mission of Life

The Order of the Burnt Sands has a mission to bring life to all who wander the desert. It is well understood that living in the harsh conditions of the wastes allows people to focus on the aspects of life which truly matter, and a certain amount of peace is achieved through struggle and hardship. However, there is no sense in needless loss of life.

The Order was started hundreds of years ago in order to combat the harsh realities of the desert: monks with the ability to create water and survive in the blistering heat would travel, searching the wastes for lost souls, hoping to save them before they could be swallowed by the desert.

Life Amongst the Sand

A primary focus of the Order is an individual's ability to survive and harmonize with nature (even nature which seems overtly hostile). The abbeys and encampments of the Order blend in to the rock and sand of the desert, and while magic is used to increase chances of survival—all members of the order are taught to survive the desert without mystic aid.

An Ancient Order

The Order is far older than even the current monarchy of Khard, and there are many ruins—hidden deep within the desert—which speak to its ancient beginnings.

Order of the Burnt Sands

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