G & Z

The Gilli & Zaroff Collection

Air Genasi
Solid Black Eyes (think sclera lenses)
Light Blue/White skin & hair
Wearing mostly leathers
Primary Weapon: Bow
Gili is a gnome.
She's just above 3" and favors daggers in combat (which she has hidden all about her person).
She has spikey pink/purple hair, and wears black leathers.
She fancies herself a Hero, and believes that she is a legendary Giant Slayer.
It is an on-going gag that most people think that Gili is Zaroff's sidekick.

A History of These Characters:
We started our adventures with Zaroff (the black-eyed air genasi man-hunter) hiring Gili to find traps (which Gili wasn't very good at, and so Zaroff took to throwing the gnome down passageways to find them [with her face]). Eventually, the two became good friends (bonding in their love of gold, with Gili became Zaroff's moral compass [of sorts]).

They graduated from petty dungeoneering, to saving the world (as characters do); but never forgot their roots: going so far as to scrape gold from ancient coffins to eek out just a bit more profit.

After saving the world, they were audited by The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus who believed that they had more than their fair share of powerful items.
This allowed for a more… balanced approach to their next great adventure which was a decent into the Underdark where they have become embroiled in Drow politics. There was a small blip in their adventure where Zaroff considered selling Gili to an Illithid, but he really wasn't willing to pay enough to make up for how useful Gili is, and—you know—friendship.
Gili has "died" at least twice—getting small glimpses of the golden hills. She's come back from these experiences, perhaps, slightly wiser. She carries chocolate to share with others who might undergo death rites, and has an inherent dislike of giant spiders.
Zaroff has never died, but has taken it quite hard each time Gili has.

Commission: Art by Caitlyn Kurilich
Commission: Art by María José Barros
Commission: Art by Lucy Bellwood
Commission: Art by Alex Heberling
Commission: Art by Unknown
Minis – Painted by TimePhilosopher & ElAdoran
Minis – Painted by TimePhilosopher & ElAdoran
Art by TimePhilosopher
Original Zaroff Art by TimePhilosopher
Original Gilli Art by TimePhilosopher
Original Group Art by punultimateword
Illithid Sketch by TimePhilosopher
Sketch by TimePhilosopher

*Gili is played by punultimateword.
*Zaroff is played by TimePhilosopher.