Myriad Adventures & Thrice-Met Tales

New Friends & Sketchy Villages
In which cousin Gertrude is incurably hideous.

Our heroes have hidden their glider and walked into town. When enroute, they encountered a man and his family being harassed by the local militia. 

After sending the town guard running, our heroes went to the local Inn to learn more about what was happening in the town. While there, they met two women from the old temple.

Off The Cliff & Into the Air
Avoiding a good ol' fashioned burning.

Krusty and Windrider meet, steal a glider, and sail towards their epic destiny (or at least away from the angry dwarves, and towards a potentially evil cult). 

Adventure 3
In Which Our Heroes Realize Their Epic Destiny

In which our heroes summon the Empyrean Avatar of Chaos and destroy the barriers to The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus so that they can help the lost modron unit return home. 

Adventure 2
In Which Our Adventurers Get an Inkling as to Why They're in the Castle

Our heroes manage to activate the rising stairs and encounter the Webmaster. Cautious and concerned the heroes followed the creature's directions to the next level of the Clockwork Castle, where they spoke with "the Watcher," an entity which keeps the records of the 41st Modron Unit, and keeps the Clockwork Castle in order.

The Bookkeeper explained that—every 289 years—modrons are sent out into the Planes to collect data for Primus. This exodus is called the "Great Modron March." Unfortunately, modrons are not known for their survivability, and it is rare that even a small fraction of the modrons sent out on the march survive. The Bookkeeper, and a group of modrons known as "0041," have survived the Great Modron March by banding together within a giant "Windghost" and heading back towards Mechanus; however they've wandered for over 900 years trying to find their way back to Mechanus and unable to do so.

The Bookkeeper informed the group that the Windghost was probably dying, and that they were running out of time to return to Mechanus. Unable to leave the Archival Room, the Bookkeeper asked the party to fix the "gate" that would allow the modrons to return "home." He also mentioned the worrisome trend for the modrons—no longer connected to Primus—developing their own personalities and sense of "self."

The party ascended from the Archival Room with the help of some loaned modrons, woke up some clockwork citizens, and made their way to "the surface." 

Adventure 1
In Which our Adventurers Explore the First Two Levels of the Clockwork Castle...

Our heroes wake up in a cave system full of mushrooms, mingle with the locals, destroy some shitty adventuring gear, and climb into a strange mirrored shaft—where they play with rotating staircases.

Adventure .02
In which mistakes are fixed.

The fearless GM decides to fix the settings on the Obsidian Portal page so that they can invite players. Voila~!

Adventure .01
Day One... They Still Think I'm One of Them

"In which The Great Time Philosopher makes an Obsidian Portal page for our games."

<s>-1. Invite your players -</s>

<s>-2. Edit your home page-</s>

<s>-3. Choose a theme-</s>

<s>-4. Create some NPCs -</s>

<s>-5. Write your first Adventure Log post-</s> Oh my god the formatting on Obsidian Portal has turned into a true nightmare. Good god. My kingdom for simple html or CSS


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